Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BBQ Chicken Pizza

I had picked up a Whole Wheat Pizza dough from the Fresh & Easy Market the other day with the plan to make either a thai chicken pizza or a BBQ chicken pizza. The sweet bbq, delicious cilantro, and tangy sweet red onions just sounded so good that I had to go for the BBQ.

I am working on this new cooking style where I actually prepare my ingredients ahead of time! Its amazing really, and makes cooking go SO much quicker! So first I grated some cheese and roughly chopped some red onion, I only used about a quarter of an onion for this small of pizza, but they really cooked down so I might use more next time. (Me?! More Onions?!...weird!)

The dough came in a nice round lump, so I floured my counter and played with it until it was round enough and big enough to cover my little dollar tree pizza pan. It wasn't very hard to work with, and stretching and pulling with my hands instead of rolling with a pin (because I dont have one) worked just fine for me!

I threw on some BBQ sauce...
I am still not clear what the best order for the toppings is but I did a little cheese, the cooked chicken....
some onions, more cheese, and then more onions on top...
I had to cook a little longer than the pizza dough said (it said only 10 mins when I went more like 25) and the bottom of the dough wasn't really very brown. I wonder if I could have cooked longer or its just because wheat dough cooks different than regular. Either way the dough was fully cooked and the cheese was meltylicious so I wasn't complaining!
It was really great, I know whole wheat dough is healthier but next time I might try with regular pizza dough just to see what the flavor combo is like with different dough.
The BBQ sauce was soooo good, tangy and sweet and the chicken was moist, the onions were right at that half-cooked goodness stage and anything with fresh cilantro is my favorite thing!

Its so great to work with all these fresh ingredients (except the dough I guess since I didn't make it from scratch) and come out with something delicious and some-what healthy! I had high hopes to steam up some broccoli as a side dish, but I ate a banana right when I got home from work and the two pieces of pizza I had filled me up so I'd call it a success!

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